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The 3 (2.5) axis Value Desktop CNC router

  • Maximum rapid speed 15.000 mm/min.
  • Plug and play (need external pc with USB port and Mach3 control software preinstalled).
  • Schuko male plug socket (requires 10 Ampers female Schuko socket).
  • G-code load via USB port with Mach3 software.
  • Effective movement dimensions 600mm in X axis, 900mm in Y axis, 120mm in Z axis.
  • Working area light.
  • 4 Stepper motors.
  • 3-Phase 800w 24000 rpm er11 air cooled spindle (runout 5 Micron) (Installed).
  • 3-Phase 2200w 24000 rpm er20 air cooled spindle (runout 5 Micron) (+500€).
  • CE

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Compact and ergonomic design

  • Protective metalic covers for user safety.
  • User friendly design.
  • Shielded cables with drag chains.
  • Solid aerospace aluminium alloy and steel frame.
  • Aluminium alloy industrial profiles.

Minimum Machine Dimensions According To Effective Movements

Built in electronic and electrical box

  • Separate power box.
  • EMI elimitation electrical design.
  • MPG port for control.
  • USB port for control.

Built in back power box

  • Automation protection and control circuit with relay.
  • Control circuit power supply.
  • AC Breakers and distribution terminals.
  • VFD Drive.
  • Stepper Drivers.
  • Central power switch.
  • Voltage, current, frequency indicator.
  • Ventilation fans with filters.
  • MPG port for control.
  • USB port for control.

Minimalist Design Approach.