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vCnc Standalone


6999 € (excl. VAT)

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The Standalone 3 (2.5) axis Value Desktop CNC router

Maximum rapid speed 15.000 mm/min.
Suitable to working wood, aluminium, plastic and other non ferus metals.
Plug and play.
Schuko male plug socket (requires 10 Ampers female Schuko socket).
G-code load with usb flash stick or ethernet.
Machine Dimensions: 135 CM X 110 CM X 85CM.
Effective movement dimensions 600mm in X axis, 900mm in Y axis, 120mm in Z axis.
Working area light.
4 Stepper motors.
3-Phase 2200w 24000 rpm ER20 air cooled spindle (runout 5 Micron).

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Compact and ergonomic design

Protective metalic covers for user safety.
User friendly design.
Shielded cables with drag chains.
Solid aerospace aluminium alloy and steel frame.
Aluminium alloy industrial profiles.

Built In Control Unit

Built in offline cotroller with multiple functions.
2-axis adjustable contoller arm with adjustable handle.
Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) wheel for manual accurate movements.
X, Y, Z axis rotation switch for MPG function.
x1, x10, x100 rotation switch for MPG function.
Mushroom RESET button.
Electrical circuit, Mushroom E-STOP button.
Power ON button with led indicator.
Led Light switch with indicator.
START and POWER buttons for run mode.
Programmable button (home, probe, zero etc).

Minimum Machine Dimensions According To Effective Movements

Built in electronic and electrical boxes

Separated and isolated standalone control unit.
Separated power – control box.
EMI elimitation electrical design.

Built in back Separated power – control box

Automation protection and control circuit with relay.
Control circuit power supply.
AC Breakers and distribution terminals.
VFD Drive.
Stepper Drivers.
Central power switch.
Voltage, current, frequency indicator.
Ventilation fans with filters.